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Facebook for Windows Phone receives a series of improvements in its recent update

Facebook for Windows Phone receives a series of improvements in its recent update

At this point, we already know that the Windows Phone mobile platform does not have official applications from the main social networks, so Microsoft has had to be in charge of developing the mobile applications for these social networks, so that the users of this mobile platform do not feel displaced compared to the users of the mobile platforms with more market penetration.

That is why the Facebook application for Windows Phone does not measure up to the official Facebook mobile applications for Android and iOS, which does not mean that Microsoft makes efforts to continue improving the application that it develops with the aim that Users of your mobile platform have a decent and suitable product to interact with.

It is for this reason that since last week, they have Facebook version 5.2 beta, which has a number of new features, starting with the redesign of the primary and secondary tiles, these being intended for chats, events, groups , pages and photo albums.

In addition, notifications, messaging, performance have been improved, and since this version, it also supports new languages, as reported in its list of new features the application’s own tab within Windows Phone Store. Since the update, there have been all kinds of comments, from those who criticize certain specific failures, it must be remembered that this is a beta, to those who are happy with said update, although Windows Phone Store does not have an average rating for that we can get a better idea of ​​what users may think.

Facebook for Windows Phone is available for Windows Phone 7.5 and 8 terminals for free.