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Facebook Focuses on Providing Quality Content and Improving Mobile News Feed


As stated by Facebook itself in its Newsroom, Facebook users use the social network to share content and connect with the world through a personalized feed, including the latest updates on the most relevant news that happens around us. For this reason, he has decided to focus on offering high quality content, especially dedicating himself to News Feed for mobile.

The aim of improving the News Feed, therefore, is ultimately to personalize the content so that it is displayed at the correct time, with the correct content and to the correct user, so that the percentage of users who consult the content continues to increase. news from Facebook (considering that the traffic of websites from the social network has almost tripled compared to the last year). As a consequence, and if we are those who read news often goes Facebook, we will see more relevant news recommended from that feed.

All this derives from a study carried out by Facebook itself, the results of which have shown that the average user prefers to be referred to quality articles about their particular interests or about what is happening in the world rather than receiving more diverse but more diverse content. random.

Thus, the articles of more relevance and quality will be the ones that appear earlier and more prominently in our news feed, without losing the social touch of being able to comment and discuss with our contacts the content of each and every one of them.