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Facebook announces groups for educational institutions

Facebook announces groups for educational institutions

One of the most used functions on the Facebook social network is user groups, where it is the users of these groups who participate in different events, discuss topics, share their photos, and even upload documents.

Well, despite the fact that there are still people who believe that social networks are harmful to students or to people in general, initiatives continue to come out that bring new technologies to the educational field. And it is precisely Facebook that has announced its Groups for Schools, or what is the same, specific groups for the school environment. To be part of the groups, users must have active their email accounts from their own educational institutions, which implies that there will be a group for each school and for each university in any part of the world.

Users will be able to establish discussions, generate events, share photos or even share files of all kinds, whether they are notes, agendas or any other educational material that is available to other users.

For now, interested students should sign up for a form that will let them know when their educational institution has its own Facebook group.

Link: Groups for Schools | Goes: TNW