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Facebook announces decrease of organic reach in the content of the pages


It seems that Facebook is modifying its strategy in regards to the content that is published on its platform with the intention of being more useful to users, since its intention to seek the quality of the content that is published on the walls in To the detriment of other less important content, such as memes, we now find ourselves with a similar intention but with regard to the content that is published within the walls of the pages.

The announcement has been made by Facebook within the news section of Facebook for Business, where it points out that users are connecting and sharing more than ever, so that each specific publication has more and more competition to have the scope it may deserve, especially if it is a quality publication, so they will choose to make changes to the distribution of publications, including decreased organic range, so they will give more importance to quality publications to the detriment of the rest.

With this, the best possible experience is sought within the pages, in which the behavior of the users when sharing will continue to be taken into account, so that the owners of the pages will be able to continue using the most effective strategies that serve to reach the right users, allowing not only to keep users already loyal but also to attract new users.

At the end of the announcement, it indicates that what is good for users on Facebook is good for companies that use Facebook, so they will seek a balance between the two so that the walls are as interesting and timely as possible.

So we already see how Facebook is going to prioritize quality content on its platform, perhaps to seek that usefulness in the content offered from other social platforms, a field where Facebook wants to enter these latest movements. The case is that if we want to increase the scope of our publications, we will have to go through the box.