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Facebook and Twitter, essential tools of the new education

Facebook and Twitter, essential tools of the new education

We talked a few days ago about how to educate our children for the mobile Web, something essential if we consider that smart phones and tablets have been the Christmas gifts mostly chosen by the children and youth public. (one)

In line with the position maintained at all times related to the need to include, rather than prohibit, and to take advantage of, rather than despise resources, a study carried out by the Welsh government, concludes that social networks, specifically Facebook and Twitter, must be integrated as indispensable tools in the classroom.

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We are looking for the transformation of society to an order linked to digitization, it is therefore necessary to include the responsible and efficient use of social action platforms in the new formation where; Innovation, action and conflict resolution must replace passivity, repetition and lack of specialization.

The report not only recommends the use of networks to children and adolescents as an inherent part of their training processes, but also extends this recommendation to teachers and families, since it considers learning and knowledge of online resources essential.

The search for the entrepreneur as an indispensable element in the implementation of the new machinery of the economies, is an indispensable element and, without a doubt, that educational models are decisive for the formation of future generations. It is a great mistake to keep our children away from the knowledge of the technology that determines habits and customs today.

The key is to become aware that it is from the union of strengths, experiences, knowledge and talents that we achieve the constant identification of new opportunities.

Additionally and as a primary theme, we cannot forget the link between the emergence and incorporation of the social phenomenon in our habits and customs and the current environmental awareness. The use of new technologies allows the acquisition of the necessary skills to become an entrepreneur, which obviously is closely related to efficiency and commitment to current needs on a planetary level.

It is evident that technological innovation, the social phenomenon, self-taught learning, the mobile Web and the need to create a proactive universe, capable of working in integrated and committed teams and included in the spiral both genres, both consumes are here to stay.

But it is also a reality that inequity in the distribution of resources transforms into a chimera that the most disadvantaged children can access their classroom with the necessary equipment to be included in a digital educational model. What remains a pending issue for governments. The report is conclusive in some points that should be highlighted:

The world has changed, the responsibility, the commitments and the way to use the tools are lessons that we must pass on to future generations. Taking advantage of ubiquity and access to information from anywhere in the world, is not only possible but necessary to enter a dynamic of constant learning with sure results of new opportunities. The information available to teachers, families and students is total, which allows building a training model in which collaboration, co-creation and the addition of knowledge, results in open, complete and unlimited learning.

Although these are the conclusions obtained in Wales through research, the conclusions are extrapolated and without limitations to current educational models, not in vain, it is one of the sectors most affected by the current crisis.

Although there are conflicting opinions, what seems an undeniable reality is that the network and the link that we have established with it, goes far beyond the use of networks and platforms, but it imposes itself as a new philosophy of life where, thanks With freedom of access and the generation of quality information, we consolidate ourselves as a civilization more prepared and capable, specifically, to generate the exhausted resources of all kinds that are required of us today.

Educating children in the use of new technologies is essential, if we close that door, we are limiting the development of their skills and closing the doors to innovation. Only through permanent access to new information, we achieve learning that allows us to create!

I leave you with the full study carried out in Wales (2) and I invite you to pay special attention to the comments; What do you think is necessary to include new technologies in the classroom, why?


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