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EyeQue, to self-check the health of your eyes using mobile phones


There is no doubt that there will always be aspects of our lives to be covered. In this sense, a group of people focused on learning and caring for the eyes have joined together under the EyeQue project, which combines a miniscope and a mobile application so that people can carry out tests to quickly know the health of their view, being able to monitor the evolution of it over time, and even have the possibility of comparing the results with those that can be offered by their respective eye doctors.

In addition, they may also have the data in case they want to buy glasses online and / or do not have the possibility of going to the eye doctor for different reasons. The application itself, available for Android and iOS, will collect the test results to be processed in the EyeQue Cloud, subsequently offering the data of spherical, cylindrical and axis figures.Furthermore, the data will be stored securely through the EyeQue cloud so that users can access it so they can carry out the comparisons they need. EyeQue is also committed to making vision accessible to people around the world, so that 3% of the proceeds from its Kickstarter campaign will go to TWOBILLIONEYES, an NGO, based in the Netherlands, which It has the mission of offering low cost glasses to those who need it.

The campaign, 17 days after its closing, has already exceeded the goal set at 25,000 dollars. Shipments will be made to any part of the world during the next month of February according to the different rewards that the sponsors have chosen.

All information is available on the campaign page itself on Kickstarter.