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Extensions to work offline in Chrome

Clean and speed up Chrome with this tool

Extensions to work offline in Chrome

These are the best extensions you will find to workoffline in Chrome. Forget about looking for a WiFi network!

Work offline in Chrome? A priori, it may seem absurd. At the end of the day, Chrome is a web browser and precisely what it is for is to move around the Internet. But nowadays browsers in general and especially Chrome are becoming complete platforms. You just have to see ChromeOS to check it.

More and more tools facilitate turn the browser into a complete leisure and work suite, and the tools that facilitate working offline are undoubtedly a must.

Google Drive to edit documents

Okay, so we started the article by talking about working offline in Chrome, and we keep saying that you can edit documents offline with a storage service in the cloud. This may also seem absurd, but it is not.

As you probably already know, Google’s storage service comes with an office suite. To be able to create new documents and access old ones to see them and edit them when you have no connection, you just have to go to the settings wheel at the top right in Chrome and on theConfigurationactivate the offline options.

To-do lists

If you use a to-do list app and normally access it via the web, maybe you should think about install your Chrome extension. Most of these extensions allow you to access and work with offline task lists.

Some of the most popular task list services whose extension allows you to work offline are Todoist, Wunderlist and

Program with Caret

To work offline in Chrome, general organization and work tools are not enough. Each professional needs a series of specific tools to carry out their work. Programmers are lucky ones, since there is a excellent code editor for Chrome that works offline: Caret.

Caret has most of the options that a good code editor offers: syntax coloring in many different languages, search within the code, folder navigation and support forkeymaps. Inevitably, Caret will remind you of Sublime Text, and it is no coincidence, the developers themselves say they have imitated it in search of a good solution to edit code in Chrome.

Caret for Chrome

FlatCal, the best calculator

A calculator is a tool that almost anyone will need at one point or another. Having one on hand in the extensions panel never hurts, and FlatCal is a great option. Not much can be said about a calculator, but FlatCal has a minimalist interface and you can choose from several themes in the extension settings. You can also choose between a scientific calculator and a simple one.

Gmail offline

Gmail offline is basically a rough version of Gmail to use when you can’t connect to the Internet. If you need to access your email information frequently, it is very practical to have a lifeguard in case you do not have a connection.

The application allows you to choose between having emails downloaded from the last week, the last two weeks or the last month.

Gmail offline

Edit images with Polarr Photo Editor

Polarr Photo Editor is a photo editor that combines great precision and a large number of options when editing with Easy to use. Its interface is designed so that anyone can edit a photo successfully without having to have great knowledge.

On the other hand, it has enough functions to be able to leave the photo to your liking: customization of colors, luminosity, detail, trimming and scaling of images It also has a wide repertoire of filters of very good quality to make a quick and attractive edition.

Polarr Photo Editor for Chrome

Various tools to work offline in Chrome

In addition to those listed above, these little tools can also help you a lot to work offline in Chrome:

  • Timer to set back accounts.
  • Google Keep to take notes.
  • Word Count Tool, to count words.
  • Relaxing Sounds, for a background sound to help you focus while you work.
  • Auto Text Expander, to create text shortcuts and not have to type as much.