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Extension to navigate incognito in the pages we specify


Both since we know that the governments are sharing us with certain software agencies and since we surf on shared PCs with other users, the issue of online privacy has become a matter of importance for us.

It is true that many browsers already include options to delete cookies and browsing history aimed at offering a safer Internet, even Google Chrome allows us to open tabs in an unknown mode in which nobody will be able to see the website we have visited. Taking advantage of this last feature, Incognito-Filter was born as an extension for Google Chrome that will allow us to configure that certain web pages open automatically in this mode, websites naturally of our choice.

We will be able to add to a future automatic incognito mode any website that we are visiting through a button that will appear in Chrome, right next to the search bar. Once the web is stored in the list, it will be opened covertly despite the fact that we navigate in normal mode.

One more step on the way to achieve a more private and secure navigation, a concept that we can improve today through the use of different tools, in this case taking advantage of Chrome’s own advantages. You can install this extension in this link to the Chrome Web Store.