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Exposure, your photos turned into graphic stories


Jake Lodwick, founder of Elepath, is on the right track by launching various apps and tools: we recently saw how the company launched ThingList to make wish lists, and how it also launched to the public Keezy, an iPhone app to make beatboxing. Now a third project is added to the list, this time to share photo collections turned into graphic stories, called Exposure (, recently disclosed in The Verge.

The main feature of Exposure is the possibility of creating photo scenes by drag-and-drop from the browser, using a post-editor to give the images the desired aesthetic and with the possibility of inserting titles, subtitles and messages on top or in the middle. Of the photos. In this text fragment we can simply insert a title, or if we want to go deeper and be more creative, a piece of text in which to narrate some story.

The service is mainly geared towards professional or amateur photographers, but anyone who is fond of photo capture can be encouraged to create their scenes. Exposure’s strong point is simplicity, and the way it offers us to create small works as aesthetically attractive in a few steps. Exposure is free if we want to create a few photonarrative images, but to keep all our works in the service and not to show advertising on them, we will have to pay 9 dollars a month.