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Exfm closes its doors, another that surrenders to the power of Spotify, deezer, rdio …

Capable of tracking mp3 files across the Internet and allowing to create lists with such files, closes its doors four years after its birth.

The one that started as extension.fmIt features a popular Chrome extension as well as a strong presence in the mobile world. It integrated with Spotify and rdio allowing to find themes on blogs and add them to the lists of these services, although its main strength was to discover unpopular themes of artists who publish their work on their own websites.

They comment on their blog that the main reason for the closure is the enormous number of giants now competing for this market, citing Spotify, Rdio, Google Music and iTunes Radio. They are small, and they cannot get hold of relevant space in such a category saturated with options.

Another reason touches the legal point: hundreds of emails with threats of legal proceedings and requests to remove content, a pressure that few can bear. users will be able to use this tool to export data, and those who did not know it, can still install this chrome extension that will work independently of the site, collecting mp3s that are on the web page in which we are browsing .