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Everything you need to solve your PC problems, in this utility

Everything you need to solve your PC problems, in this utility

Everything you need to solve your PC problems, in this utility

Windows Repair Toolbox is a unique utility, but it can help you solve dozens of problems on your computer.

Who lifts the least who uses a Windows computer. As in other operating systems, Microsoft’s does not escape problems, not due to errors in the OS itself, but because of what it can arise with the use and the passage of time. The difference is that there are hundreds of millions of Windows users in the world.

The next time you don’t know what happens to your computer or want to fix it, remember toWindows Repair Toolbox.

The Swiss Army Knife for Windows: Windows Repair Toolbox

Its name cannot be more descriptive, Windows Repair Toolbox is a utility all in one, a toolbox that includes everything you need to diagnose and repair problems in Windows.

It must be recognized that there are many such tools on the Internet and in more than one case what they sell is smoke and good.Windows Repair Toolbox is totally free and very very light, weighing less than 2MB, how is that possible? Because this utility acts as a library of programs and utilities.

That is, within Windows Repair Toolbox you will see the application divided into sections: Hardware, recovery and backup, useful tools, uninstallers, direct access to Windows functions and much more. When you click on one of the programs you need, it automatically downloads.

You don’t have to worry about anything else, because he takes care of downloading the correct version for your version of Windows. In addition, there is also room for customization, being able to add your favorite tools, add notes on the repair of the problem you have had or do tests and control tests to confirm that everything is fine.

Once you’re done, just delete Windows Repair Toolbox and at the same time everything will also be uninstalled what you have downloaded from it. Definitely one of those tools to consider, totally free and compatible from Windows XP up to the latest version of Windows 10. Here you can download it:

Windows Repair Toolbox Web