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Evernote renews the Web Clipper extension for Safari

Web Clipper

Safari web browser users will now be able to get more out of their Internet browsing sessions thanks to the redesign of the Evernote Web Clipper extension that Evernote has just put at your disposal, where you will find both a more elegant and modern visual renewal and the availability of a series of new features, according to Evernote in his blog.

The new features are focused on allowing different ways to capture the things you find interesting through websites, allowing capture of only the main body of articles, simplified capture whereby they capture only articles clearly and cleanly without others elements that can generate distraction available on the websites, being able to mark articles as favorites, as well as the possibility of taking screenshots on which various annotations can be made about them.

As it could not be otherwise, the renewed extension of Web Clipper also allows sharing the discoveries with contacts on social networks on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, or even via email, with the particularity that the shared notes point directly to them within Evernote, or else the links will point to the original sources.

Another aspect that has been included in this renovation is in the intelligent management, so that when making a capture, based on the previous behaviors of the users, Web Clipper will be in charge of searching and selecting the best specifications and labels, which can be modified if you do not agree with them.

With all this, Safari users with the renewed Evernote Web Clipper extension will take more advantage of capturing those interesting things they find in their browsing sessions, adding more value and utility to the use of their own web browsers.

The presentation of the news in detail as well as the link for the direct download of the extension can be found in the article itself.