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Evernote Introduces Web Clipper 6 for Chrome with Major Improvements

Evernote Web Clipper

Evernote has just unveiled its renewal for its Chrome extension, Evernote Web Clipper 6, which has received a redesign of its user interface and the inclusion of new features, so far available in other company products. From now on we will find a new sidebar, where we will have all the elements that the extension itself makes available to us, taking into account in the first block of options those that allow us from saving a specific item to carrying out a capture of the Area visible on the screen of the page itself.

The ability to save a specific URL is renamed marker, which includes a fragment of the website itself as a reference, and we also have a simplified access mode, where we will access the page only with the content and without other elements that can distract us, something similar to what it does the extension Clearly, also from Evernote.

In the next block we will find the marking tools, that if we are users of Skitch, will ring a bell, since it allows us to highlight important texts to make drawings in them before saving them in our notes in Evernote. We may also include our written comments if we need to.

At the end of the whole, we will have the option to save the resulting file, as well as the possibility of sharing it, allowing it to be shared both by email and via Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. When making a capture, we can set a reminder about it, so that we do not forget the reason why we have made it.

The Evernote team itself tells us that they plan to make more improvements in the future, and that we can download the extension through the Chrome Web Store, although personally the redesign presented has not yet appeared to me.

Link: Evernote Web Clipper | Goes: Evernote Official Blog