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Evernote employees can now read your notes without your permission

Evernote employees can now read your notes without your permission

Evernote employees can now read your notes without your permission

In one of the worst privacy-related decisions we remember, Evernote’s notes can now be read by strangers.

Evernote is one of the best apps for taking notes, saving websites or collecting ideas for later; With such an app, privacy is therefore very important

However, for the company’s bosses it does not seem to be. The change in Evernote’s privacy policy has been announced today, and allows Evernote employees to access and read the notes we have created.

Evernote notes can be read by strangers

Indeed, Evernote wants strangers to come into your account and read what you’ve written, what you have saved and the ideas that have occurred to you. And as incredible as it sounds, Evernote believes he has a very good justification for it.

The problem Evernote has is that it is developing a machine learning system, which analyzes our notes; However, you cannot know that the system has done a good job if you do not analyze it, and here the employees enter, who will read the notes to compare results.

The ultimate goal is to improve Evernote’s recommendation system; in this way we will receive the most relevant content and functionalities we need.

It sounds nice, but in no way does it justify that our privacy goes to pieces; There are many ways to verify that a system works well and that they do not need access to real user data.

Evernote takes insufficient measures to protect user privacy

Evernote claims that it has implemented measures to ensure our privacy, but these are reduced to three.

  • Limit the number of employees who access our data.
  • Put them through training and check their backgrounds.
  • Implement security measures to prevent unauthorized employees from accessing notes.

They are clearly insufficient, and probably in Evernote they know it; but despite everything they have continued with the change.

To delve further into the wound, Evernote has decided that we can disable machine learning in our account, but employees can still read our notes in certain situations.

Updated: Evernote reverses

Just two days after the announcement, Evernote has promised that it will finally not implement the changes in your privacy policy. Strong user reaction has forced Evernote to reaffirm its commitment to privacy.

The implementation of machine learning and the ability for employees to read our notes remains; the difference is that be optional and we will only enter the testing program if we mark an option in our account.