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Even Mark Zuckerberg uses the same password on multiple sites

Even Mark Zuckerberg uses the same password on multiple sites

Even Mark Zuckerberg uses the same password on multiple sites

Attackers managed to steal the accounts of Mark Zuckerberg on Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter, and all for repeating passwords on various websites.

The not to repeat password is one of the first good practices that anyone learns when they are on the Internet, and at the same time it is one of the least followed.

The reason is usually the same as always, learning a different password for each new service we use is too difficult and annoying. In the end, most people have one or two passwords for everything, which they divide depending on how important the account is or just luck. Even the users most concerned about their security have four or five different passwords for the most important accounts, and another unique password for the rest.

The hack to LinkedIn continues to speak

It does not matter if there are tools that allow us to keep our passwords safely, in the end the user is the weak link in the chain. Even if you are one of the richest men on the face of the planet.

This was demonstrated today by Mark Zuckerberg, when his accounts on social networks like Twitter began to show strange messages. Somehow, hackers had managed to take control of these accounts, apparently without much trouble, and all because Zuckerberg’s password is bad. And quite old, too.

Maybe you remember two weeks ago about 117 million LinkedIn user passwords were leaked in the so-called Dark Web, the underworld of the Internet. The source of these passwords was an attack on servers in 2013, which at the time was announced, late and badly, by the company.

As we pointed out in the original article, if since 2013 you have ever changed the password you used LinkedIn, you have nothing to fear. But also, if you used that same password in other services, you have to remember to change it too (This is something that many people forget).

How Mark Zuckerberg’s Accounts Were Stolen

And that’s what happened to Zuckerberg, whose account was one of the stolen from LinkedIn’s servers. The huge database was analyzed by the hacker group OurMine Team, and they found that it had the login data of the Facebook CEO; so of course They decided to try the same password on other websites in case the flute sounded.

And what if they are; it turns out that Zuckerberg used the same password on LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram and TwitterSo the attackers had no problem logging in, changing, and posting what they wanted, including a makeover on the Pinterest account and various messages on the Twitter account that they made themselves known to hundreds of Thousands of people visiting these profiles (although ironically now their account is closed).

Do you want to know the worst? That not only was the password the same on all those accounts, it was pretty bad. According to the members of the OurMine Team, Mark Zuckerberg’s password was given. Come on, Mark, we know you have more imagination than that.

Fortunately for Zuckerberg, these accounts are far from as popular as his official Facebook account, but it is still striking that one of the most important people in the tech world had their accounts stolen in this way.

Other victims of the hacker attack on LinkedIn cannot say the same. For example, the official account of the Tenacious D group reported this weekend that one of its members, the actor and humorist Jack Black, had died. However, it was all a joke by the attackers They had discovered that Twitter’s password was the same as LinkedIn’s.

No one is saved from bad practices on the Internet, not even those who make a living from it. So, have you already changed the password?