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Essential applications and programs for Windows

Fall Creators Update, the next big update to Windows 10

Fall Creators Update, the next big update to Windows 10

These are the programs that you have to install s or s on a new computer. Essential programs for Windows without which your user experience will not be complete.

Making a selection of must-have programs for Windows is tricky. There is so muchsoftwarefor the platform. There are many different uses of the computer. There are many different needs depending on the user.

The reality is that there are no 100% essential programs as such. There are always people who, for one reason or another, will find another alternative more convenient, or simply will not need such a program. But there is a series of programs that the vast majority of people will need or thank.

Google Chrome

The browser market has many alternatives today, but very few are as solid as Google Chrome. Has all the features requested by most users, a good design and an incredible extensions market.

Its only drawback is the large consumption of resources, so whoever has a computer, very limited may be more convenient for Microsft Edge. And whoever is especially suspicious of privacy may prefer Firefox.


Launchy is the perfect program to speed up all your work with Windows. Everyone knows how long they earn keyboard shortcuts. Launchy is a program that allows you to open programs, documents, folders and bookmarks without taking your fingers off the keyboardor.

Phrase Express or TextExpander

A program that saves you writing is one of the best aids to save time in front of the computer. Do you write certain expressions, protocol phrases or words very often? You can reduce the work of writing an entire paragraph to three letters.

The best programs to expand text are TextExpander and Phrase Express. Both are paid, although Phrase Express is somewhat more expensive in exchange for offering synchronization with Android. TextExpander syncs only with iOS and MacOS.

Microsoft Office

There are many office suites, but the truth is that today none is up to Office. Some suites may rival in the presentation program, the spreadsheet or the text editor, but there is no other option like Office with the three really good shows.

Popcorn Time

There is no better way to watch movies.torrentthat with a client who does astream. Popcorn Time makes the process of watching pirated movies so much easier; you only have to search, click and start viewing. It has almost any American or English movie.

Spotify or iTunes

Although it is true that today there are several alternatives to watch movies and series instreamingLegally, we are still a long way from having a perfect alternative. In the world of music, it is very different. Today there are very few excuses to hack considering that there are payment alternatives that offer the majority of songs, albums and artists that one is looking for.

The best services are undoubtedly Spotify and Apple Music. The latter uses the iTunes application instead of its own.


The video player you use can change the quality of the videos and offer you a more or less personalized experience. As of today, the best video player is undoubtedly VLC, with a clean interface but many options and excellent processing.


Losing all the data on your hard drive can be a real disaster, and backing up your data seems elementary. But sometimes a copy on an external drive is not a sufficient precaution. In the event of a disaster in your home such as fire or flood, both units will be destroyed.

So CrashPlan backs up to the cloud or on a friend’s computer. This way you ensure that you always have a secure copy of your data.

What are the essential programs that you always install on your computer?