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Eslife, to find and hire babysitters, housekeepers, plumbers, electricians, etc.


From they present us the evolution of their service, now offering a service cart in Spain, a proposal that allows you to find and hire trustworthy professionals, with guarantees and references, in less than 3 minutes (babysitters, housekeepers, plumbers , electricians, etc.).

Thanks to the learning process of our users and markets at this time, we wanted to go one step further in our model and evolve the product into the so-called cart.

The procedure is simple, we just have to explain what we need by creating a task, specifying the moment in which we want it to be carried out and what we can pay for it. The Doers are the professionals registered there, who will go through a selection process to verify that they are adequately qualified. Each Doer sends its offer with a price, so we can enter each profile and verify which is the most suitable for our need, being also possible to consult the evaluations of previous clients.

When the Doer is chosen, the necessary data will be sent to carry out the work, be it domestic service, private classes, elder care, responsible for pets, removals, home repairs or any other task.

Simple, practical and, for the moment, available only in Spain.