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Epic, a privacy-conscious Chromium-based browser that includes a proxy


Although sometimes it seems that trying to be stealthy on the web is like fighting a big shot with a wave, we have to keep in mind the existing options to avoid, as much as possible, that our data is monitored.

We have already told you on several occasions the usefulness of using VPN to navigate without leaving much trace and everyone knows what the TOR browser can offer, but few have heard of Epic.

It is a Chromium based browser that blocks the use of Internet cookies and code tracking in an efficient way, keeping Chrome’s clean and intuitive style. It also blocks integrations with social networks, removing the widgets of any web page where they are displayed, something necessary to be able to eliminate the tracking codes they contain.

Every time a cookie is blocked, it will inform us with an alert, eliminate automatic suggestions from the navigation bar, automatic translations, installation identifications, access to alternative error pages … there are a total of 11 actions that are completely eliminated of traditional navigation.

You are also able to use a proxy to avoid tracking your IP address on the site. We simply have to click on the icon in the address bar to automatically switch to a US proxy, which will allow us to navigate the sites of the United States as if we were a computer in that country.

At the moment it is only available for Windows and Mac, nothing Linux …

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