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Enjoy 360º images every time you open a new tab

Enjoy 360º images every time you open a new tab

Enjoy 360º images every time you open a new tab

With SVRF Tabs you can put 360 images in a new Chrome tab. The lashes will not be so bland again and you will have something nice to look at.

Chrome’s new tab menu works quite well. The algorithm usually displays the pages you use most wisely, and other than that, you don’t need much more. However, it is true that a new Chrome tab is nothing particularly pretty to look at.

Like the computer wallpaper, the new tab menu is something we are going to see a lot. So there are many extensions to offer something nice to look at. when opening a tab new. SVRF Tabs is one of those extensions, but with a particular focus.

SVRF Tabs brings 360 images in a new tab to Chrome

The extension has been created by SVRF, a company focused on discovering content for virtual reality. The operation is very basic, you just install the extension and open a new tab. You will see a 360 image of somewhere especially beautiful and in the center, a clock.

The first time, Chrome will open a dialog box to allow SVRF Tabs to make changes to the new tab page. Be sure to click keep changes.

Beyond that, the extension doesn’t have much of a mystery. Shows Flickr images that they have selected quite correctly and that rotate slowly and automatically, although the rotation can be manipulated with the mouse.

At the bottom right you have the original link to the photo, and on the left a small menu to share the image on Facebook or Twitter. The only thing missing is the bookmarks bar, which has been removed from the page for some strange reason. This can be a bit cumbersome if you tend to access most websites through bookmarks.