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Encrypt and protect your files with these tools

Autocomplete forms is insecure and allows you to get more data than you think

Autocomplete forms is insecure and allows you to get more data than you think

These are the best tools to encrypt local files. Only you will have the key to access them.

All precautions are few, especially if you have sensitive information. That is probably the biggest truth when talking about digital security. Sometimes it seems that we are taking precautions more than enough, but if you are really interested in protecting your data, put all the barriers at your fingertips it will still not be completely safe.

Either way, there are certain measures that give you a great extra security, and without a doubt Encrypting sensitive files is one of the most effective. These are the best tools to encrypt local files.


AxCrypt is an encryption tool whose strong point is its speed and ease of use. It integrates with the Windows interface so all you have to do to encrypt a file is right-click on it and look for the AxCrypt option in the drop-down menu.

You can encrypt both individual files and folders, and to decrypt files you have to follow the same process as to encrypt them. A very simple and functional option.

Download AxCrypt here


It’s been a little over two years since TrueCrypt, the quintessential encryption program, declared itself insecure with a slightly murky story behind it. VeraCrypt emerged shortly after proclaiming itself a substitute for TrueCrypt. It works way quite similarly It even drinks a bit of its code, but it fixes the security issues that killed TrueCrypt.

VeraCrypt supports both AES and Serpent, TwoFish, Camelia, GOST89 and Kuznyechik, as well as different algorithms ofhashing. VeraCrypt is available (free) for Windows, Linux and Mac, and its code is available to anyone who wants to review it

Download VeraCrypt here


BoxCryptor is probably the most versatile application on this list Because it allows you, in addition to encrypting local files, to encrypt files saved in the cloud from Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, OneDrive and more. That is undoubtedly its strongest point.

It has both AES-256 and RSA encryption, and is available for free with a premium option on both desktop (Windows and Mac) and mobile (Android and iOS).

Download BoxCryptor here


What is 7-Zip really? Probably many of you already know this application, but maybe you did not know that also used to encrypt files. 7-Zip is an application with various utilities, the best known being to reduce the weight of files. However, among other things, it also serves to encrypt files.

To encrypt a file, just select the option at the bottom right of the application’s utilities panel. 7-Zip has AES-256 encryption, your code is also open for review and is available in Windows.

Download 7-Zip here