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Ember digital scrapbook arrives on iOS with iCloud sync


RealMacSoftware presents Ember for iOS, a free application that we can previously find in the MacAppStore and that now, on mobile, offers us an advanced way to order our digital collections of images and photography.

Now on our mobile phone or tablet, Ember will give us access to our synchronized images between devices to manage your organization from any of them and also to capture and organize new images, in a simple way and with the possibility of sharing them with anyone from the same app.

With Ember we can not only organize our own photo gallery on iOS, but any image that interests us. Thus, it is designed to order and manage all the images that we want to keep with us, be they drawings, Internet photographs, memes, landscapes, tourist destinations or own captures.

Contrary to Ember’s Mac application, which cost us $ 49, Ember is completely free and is focused on a more casual type of user than those who used Ember on Mac, also being a fairly powerful tool that, in addition to the above explained, it also offers us the possibility of taking screenshots and photographing from the same app. Additionally, it allows us to organize the photos automatically, depending on the keywords or even the predominant color.

You can download it here at this link for iTunes for iOS, available for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.