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Elephanti, to find offers close to our position


Today we are talking about Elephanti, a startup that has just received $ 4.5 million in financing from LMJ Holdings to pursue its goal of connecting physical stores with local buyers who want to access their offers. In this case, both buyers and merchants benefit from the service, as some get to buy their product at the best price and the others get a sale.

Comfort is also a key element in the operation of Elephanti, especially for those who need to buy something in particular. The website allows us to avoid those situations in which we look for something specific from store to store, guiding us directly to those businesses that have our product of interest in stock – we can view the catalog of these stores from home, with their respective offers.

Elephanti also has an algorithm that will show the buyer different recommendations and offers depending on what the buyer buys and prefers, since on the same website the buyer can configure different shopping lists so that the same app shows the list of shops that have these items. In addition, good purchases that have been made can be shared so that acquaintances and friends can also access certain offers and opportunities.

For now the product is available in some cities in the US, although we hope that in the next round they will be encouraged to expand the service to make it more international.