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elementaryOS 0.4, try the beta of the Linux distro plus "maquera"

elementaryOS 0.4, try the beta of the Linux distro plus "maquera"

elementaryOS 0.4, try the beta of the Linux distro plus "maquera"

The beta for elementaryOS 0.4, called Loki, is out now and it’s as good a time as any to try it out.

Out of the myriad of Ubuntu-based Linux distros, elementary stood out the most from the start for its look clearly inspired by that of Mac OS.

But if the only difference from Ubuntu would have been the aspect, then we will not continue talking about elementaryOS. Over time, the project gained traction, and above all, its own identity, with its own applications, its own environment and, ultimately, its own vision.

What does elementaryOS 0.4 labeta offer

elementaryOS 0.4 Loki is the best proof that the project is already going its own way, and we can see it first hand with the first beta, released this week. The reception has been quite good among the community, and is not for less.

elementaryOS 0.4 is based on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, so we will be sure that the code that moves the system will be supported for several years by Canonical; we can use the same repositories without problems.

Thanks to this, we have, among other things, a new improved notification system, the new Linux 4.4 kernel and compatibility with the gtk 3.18 libraries and the Vala 0.32 programming language.

Once we load elementaryOS, we find a familiar sight. At the bottom we have the application dock in the purest Mac style, from which we can start the programs we want; but also, we have a kind of start menu in the upper left, with its search and its folder system.

The visual design can no longer be said to be a copy of Apple’s, and although gray is widely used and the design of some applications is very suspicious (such as that of the Epiphany browser), elementaryOS offers a sufficiently differentiated experience.

Now, if you liked what you have seen in the beta and you are interested in installing elementaryOS on your computer, it is recommended that you wait for the final version or install version 0.3.2, since it is too noticeable that version 0.4 Loki is in beta, with many bugs and problems.

Download elementaryOS 0.4 Loki