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ekko, to create a website from a Facebook page

mayo 23, 2020

Many people do not know how to create a website, but almost everyone knows how to create a page on Facebook.

With that in mind, ekko was born, a platform that allows the automatic creation of a website using Facebook data, constantly updating itself as new content is detected on the social network.

Ekko has several templates for us to structure the information in the way we consider appropriate. You can display contact details in a side column, a very large header, galley photos, updates as articles … there are some examples available on their website of what they have already done with some clients.

Synchronization with the main content of Facebook is always automatic, so we do not need to be constantly updating, since in this case Facebook will act as a content management system.

It has a free version without a personalized domain, but if you want to have your own domain, it will be necessary to go through the box paying a monthly fee of 20 dollars.

Of course, it cannot be compared with a customized solution, since its design is not as flexible, but it can help to have visibility in the search engines, on a website of our own over which we have more control than that available on a company page of Facebook.