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Edit your photos and images with this free Photoshop alternative

Edit your photos and images with this free Photoshop alternative

Edit your photos and images with this free Photoshop alternative

If you are looking for one free alternative to PhotoshopTake a look at PictBear.

If we talk about programs photo editing and images, we all think of Photoshop. Adobe software is a reference in that field and it is not for less, it is a tremendously powerful tool.

So powerful and complete that perhaps it is not the most suitable for the basic user, that it can get lost among its thousand options. Sometimes life does not have to be so complicated, you do not have to download the largest if what we need is to do basic touch-ups. There are alternatives to Photoshop that are worth it, like PictBear, although here we have reviewed others:

PictBear is free and useful for those who don’t need the power of Photoshop

When it comes to retouching images, adding texts, resizing or adding a brush stroke to an image, there are more basic programs and applications than Adobe Photoshop that can solve the problem. without hacking and with a simple user interface.

The truth is that the layout of the PictBear interface resembles that of Photoshop and other editing programs. It is distributed in panels, on the left we have the different selection and editing tools, on the right tabs for the brushes, layer panel (yes, it has layer support), color adjustments and more.

At the top are the various submenus of editing, filters, selections And we can work with more than one image at the same time, since they are organized by tabs.

Eye during installation

PictBear is a pretty Windows program light and, most interestingly,completely free. It can be downloaded free of charge from its official website, but I recommend that you do not install it like crazy, look carefully at each step of the wizard because I will try to sneak antivirus software. Yes, it is a bit annoying, but it is enough to ignore it during the installation steps and that’s it, we will have the PictBear program clean on our PC and we can start editing photos and images without spending or a penny.

PictBear free on your website