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EasyPost, including shipments on your website or app


When we are in charge of a website and we want to improve it, we have to go step by step: we start by focusing on the design and content and little by little we are inserting more useful tools into it, such as various widgets or buttons to spread content on social networks (the same happens with applications).

For those who want to go one step further and continue adding utilities on the website, this time we discovered EasyPost, a very simple API to add options for shipping and selling products in our applications and websites. The API is in different languages ​​to make it available in any web and app, and we will find libraries for Ruby, PHP, Phython, Java and Node. To see the different libraries and take a look at the code you can do it at this link on Github.

As for shipping options, EasyPost provides access to messaging companies like FedEx, FedEx International, USPS, USPS International, UPS, and UPS International – and more companies that will be joining EasyPost in the near future. The API includes various tools to make shipping as secure as possible, such as address verification, shipping insurance, or shipping tracking so we can control where the material is going.

To start using the service we will have to create an account in EasyPost and then choose the code that we want to integrate into our website, saving quite a few hours of development in the process.