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Eaby, the search engine for misspelled words on Ebay to buy cheaper


Searching for cheap products on Ebay has its tricks and techniques, and believe it or not, one of the easiest ways to find good occasions not yet sold on Ebay is by searching for misspelled words or products with the misspelled name. As they give us an example in LifeHacker, it is very possible that we will find an XBOX Kinect at a better price if in the description of the product we read XBOX Connect or XBOX Kicnect, because fewer people look for it and it may also be that the price is lower.

Knowing this, Eaby is an Android application that searches for misspelled words in order to find good prices and impressive offers. The process will be easy, and simply starting a search in Eaby for the product in which we are interested and choosing in which country we want to order (even specifying the categories in which we want to search) we will be shown the results of those products that are poorly described, but of quality and with better prices. After showing the results, we can sort and filter them as we see fit.

You can download Eaby (which comes to be Ebay but poorly written, name well thought of course) you can access this link on the PlayStore and download it for free for Android. If you want to delve a little more into the functions of Eaby, know that you have a Pro account that will allow us to enjoy the app without advertising and to save searches for $ 1.50.