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Dymotics – turn your smartphone into a universal home automation remote control


Finalist of the third edition of Wayra, with the support of the investment group Mola, present us Dymotics ( as an affordable solution that allows you to use home devices of any brand on a single platform, making it possible to program a large number of actions to manage our home from your mobile.

With it you can start the washing machine from work, or leave it programmed to turn on at a certain time; You can turn on the home heating on the go, or wake up every day with sunlight thanks to the fact that the blind has been opened at the time you want, and millions of other examples.

At the end of September they will release the developer version, and in October they will have the first compatible devices. The application will go out independently to the campaign they have prepared on, where they hope to receive 150,000 dollars in crowdfunding to expand the team and manufacture their own devices, thus creating a standard that now does not exist.

They already have the physical prototypes of the plug, regulator, switch, thermostat and telephone, so it seems that the control from the mobile is closer to being a reality.

Dymotics will offer this service in exchange for a monthly subscription of 5 to 3 devices and a 1 for each additional device. We will be attentive to its evolution.