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Duvamis, an anonymous social network for anonymous


In Duvamis ( start from a point that has been treated millions of times throughout the history of humanity: We are a product of the society in which we live.

What we like, what we hate, what we consider true or false, what we do, what we stop doing … everything is influenced by the opinions of those around us. This is why children do not wear pink, that is why most people prefer football to basketball, that is why a best seller it becomes a best seller, etc. At Duvamis they want us to find out who we really are, eliminating all external influences, and they do so with a fairly well-done video presentation (so good that it even seems easy to find the essence of the individual, something surely impossible in the human being) .

The fact is that there are several videos on its main page that show how it works, with anonymous or real profiles for each person, who can alternate between one and the other, with private or public conversations giving their opinion on topics from different categories, with the possibility of participating in forums, to discover new topics of interest, to disclose multimedia content … always under the cover of anonymity, since they swear and swear that they do not keep any information about our true identity.

They present it to us with the phrase: We believe anonymity is the future of online user interactionsNow we need to know how many people agree with this statement, how many are really concerned with anonymity, with privacy, with the fact that their opinions are publicly available on social networks.