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Dubb, to see the list of contacts that your friends have on your mobile


Often when we want someone’s email or phone, we often ask a contact who knows them. Linkedin users know this model well, where we can quickly know if a person belongs to our first level of contacts, to the second, third, etc. offering the possibility of requesting virtual presentations to get in touch with practically anyone.

Dubb’s idea is similar, although in this case it is transferred to the mobile world. Dubb users will be able to share their contact list so that any of them can see the details of the rest, so there is no need to call Mara to ask for Pedro’s phone, just browse their contacts and check if Pedro is in your schedule.

When we find the desired contact in the agenda of other people, we can request access and wait for our friend to release it (something necessary so that the data in our agenda is not exposed more than is strictly necessary).

If we have any contact that we do not want anyone to see, we can put it in invisible mode, so we can be calm at that point.

Dubb is still in beta, although they will open the doors in October, according to reports on Techcrunch. They are close to getting 500k dollars of investment, so it seems that it is not a simple project done in free hours.

If you are interested you can report your email on its main page,