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Dropplets and Leeftets, simple applications for publishing content on the web


Lately we are seeing how new applications and services appear aimed at facilitating content management on the web without having to go through the difficulties or technical complexities of the most veteran platforms. In this sense, WebResourcesDepot brings us Dropplets and Leeftets, two independent applications belonging to the same development team, on which the first is aimed at blog posts while the second is aimed at creating simple websites, taking in common aspects such as rapid installation on servers, without the need for databases, and the availability of a premium template markup to customize the spaces created.

Both applications are open source, available through GitHub and under MIT licenses. Regarding Dropplets, which is oriented to the creation of blogs, its installation is quite simple that, according to its official website, does not take even a minute, allowing the publication of entries simply by composing them in any text editor that you want and using the Markdown text format so that the resulting file is uploaded through the Dropplets uploader, Dropplets itself taking care of formatting and publishing it automatically.

Leeftets is also a simple installation application, with a simple and simple interface, having only the necessary elements to carry out the publications. Unlike Dropplets, Leeftets is designed for the publication of simple websites, as evidenced by the video available on its official page. It also has premium templates that can be purchased and activated within the management panel.

They are two sister applications that follow the path of facilitating the publication of content on the web with the maximum possible simplicity using the minimum necessary elements. Some options to consider for those who do not want to see themselves fighting with the complexities and requirements of other existing platforms.