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Dropbox, Mega, Google Drive, Box, SkyDrive and Bitcasa, which one should I choose?

google drive

There are many doubts that arise when choosing the perfect storage service to keep personal files in the cloud and have them instantly regardless of the place or device. However, the differentiating features that most services offer are great, since each one, although they may be useful for most, have an easily recognizable target audience. Today we highlight and compare those target audiences in half a dozen interesting and popular storage tools.

Google Drive, for those who use many Google services

If you frequently use Gmail, Google+, Picasa, Google Maps, Android, Google Calendar and especially Google documents, you don’t have to bother looking for a storage service because you already have it at your disposal on Google Drive. They are 15 Gb of free storage (with payment plans to extend it), integration with dozens of extensions and apps for Chrome, sync apps for desktops and mobiles, and dozens of additional features most of which are gained by users of various great G services.

SkyDrive, for users of Microsoft products

If you use Microsoft Office, Windows 7, Outlook,, Windows Phone and especially Windows 8, in addition to other Microsoft products, with SkyDrive you can have a magnificent and elegant solution integrated into your applications, your computer and even your mobile phone. . The storage space is 7 Gb, it is available for other devices (for example, iPhones and Android phones) and it has an efficient web version complemented by Office Web Apps.

Mega, for those most concerned about their privacy

Although many think that Mega is only the resurrection of Megaupload, the old and popular file sharing service along with its download links, they are very wrong, Mega has become a specialized application to guarantee privacy in file storage, with 50 Gb of free space available to all users, private communication options, servers in different parts of the world and a high level of security that encrypts files when they are uploaded, making it necessary to have a decryption key (a random sequence of characters) essential to start your own download or when sharing files. You can find more information about how Mega works at this link.

Bitcasa, for the most demanding storage

If you think that the space that most cloud storage services give you is not enough, you can take advantage of the infinite storage space that Bitcasa offers along with its file encryption process prior to loading, access to files from multiple different devices, the image viewer, the music and video player (even in streaming) and the automatic backups it performs. Another interesting point is that since its launch it has been kept free.

Box, business solution for collaborative work

A hosting service characterized by its multiple communication options (messages, tasks) and collaboration (contacts and collaborators) that make it perfect for the business and academic environment where work teams are paramount. Box offers free 10 Gb, online document creation (Google Drive documents that are automatically saved in Box), apps for mobile phones that sync automatically (in addition to the PC tool), and a huge catalog of third-party applications that take advantage of your API and that are properly organized and added from your store. By the way, Tencent, a tool made in China that offers up to 10 Tb of free storage, will soon be released on this side of the world.

Dropbox, for all other cases

If the above options do not suit your needs, or if no other new cloud storage service that emerges from you every day convinces you, you can confidently opt for Dropbox, the king in the field of online hosting. Dropbox in its free version offers 2 Gb with the possibility of extending them up to 16 Gb gaining additional space for referred users. The speed, the dozens of applications created by third parties to extend their functionalities to other areas (for example these twenty), their applications for multiple devices, security, integrated document viewers and great experience in the business including the business sector, they make you the perfect choice for the vast majority of needs.