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Drft, a new online tool for writing without distraction


To the three options that we had shared a few months ago with online editors to write without distractions, we added a new proposal: drft

With a minimalist but attractive interface, and many cool features, drft can become our favorite option. You have some customization options before heading to writing and testing its functionality, such as the time zone, the color of our theme, etc.

By simply selecting New we will find the interface to focus on writing. It has some options that will help us as we progress with our work, for example we can switch to night mode, word and character counter.

As for editing the text, it does not have Markdown support because it directly allows us to work with rich text. We just have to choose the text we want to format and we will be presented with some options.

Then it only remains to save the version we were writing to edit it at any time. Just by going to Saved we will see all the drafts or publications that we have saved. If we want to share any of our publications privately, we only have to request that a link be generated that we can copy and distribute. We can reverse this action at any time.

At the moment, we need an invitation to access drft, but we can easily request it from the presentation page.

Goes: Appstorm