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Drawboard PDF, to edit and create PDF in Windows 8


If you are already a Windows 8 / 8.1 / RT user, either on your desktop or tablet, and you are looking for an application with which you can edit and annotate your PDF documents, through the Windows Store you have available Free Drawboard PDF application, which may surprise you, both for its ease of use and its features. One thing to keep in mind is that Drawboard PDF is an application that you can use quietly through your touch screen, making it an option that you can consider for your tablet or device that has a touch screen.

One of the most outstanding elements of the application itself is its radial menu, which contains a series of tools for editing your PDF documents, where each tool has a section that allows you to change a series of parameters, for example, With the Pen tool you can change the thickness of the stroke, opacity and color. But in addition to the facet of editing and annotation, Drawboard PDF is also an option to be used for viewing documents, allowing you to change the way you view it.

As is usually the case in document editing programs, you can work with an existing PDF document although you can also start with another one completely from scratch, setting all the parameters of the new document, although it is also interesting that you can take a screenshot of image of him that you want to convert it into a PDF document on which to make annotations.

So if you were looking for an application to work with your PDF documents, here is an interesting solution for free, available for Windows 8 / 8.1 as well as for RT.

Link: Drawboard PDF in Windows Store | Goes: AddictiveTips