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Dragood, web app to save and share all our images


We receive information about a new service dedicated exclusively to all those who enjoy collecting and retouching images on the web. With Dragood we can save and preserve a personalized image gallery without having to save any of them on our PC, with the possibility of customizing and ordering them, and viewing them in the service simply by dragging the original image seen on the web to the main page of Dragood.

From Dragood himself we can share the selected image on Facebook or on our own blog, or simply leave it added and safe among our collection of files.

The tool not only comes with the intention of being a curator of content in images, but also offers us the possibility of inserting text in them to publish them with whatever message we want to attach, being able to choose the color and size of the font.

The website has its own collection of images in which, Pinterest style, we can discover, save and search by categories (popular, animals, backgrounds, cartoon, people, sentimental, bizarre images …) and tagged keyword.

A good method to save space on your computer and avoid creating more and more folders with unordered images, with the possibility of editing them with text easily, ideal if you are a fan of memes. Here we leave you with the Dragood trailer so you know how it works: