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Download the official Winzip app for Windows 10

Download the official Winzip app for Windows 10

Download the official Winzip app for Windows 10

The Winzip app for Windows 10 is already available, but is it recommended?

When the UWP (Universal Windows Platform) was introduced, Microsoft promised us the culmination of the cross-platform concept I raised years ago: the possibility that the same program would work on computers, tablets and mobile phones without the need to change the code.

Over time it has been shown that s, UWP is a good solution to create a single app and forget about everything else, although its initial adoption was probably not what Microsoft expected; It is understandable, considering that this was already the second time that the big M talked about apps instead of programs (the first with Windows 8).

The Windows 10 App Store receives apps that everyone wants

But all this does not matter to the end user. What you want to know is if you can open Windows Store and find the apps you need. The answer right now is a resounding noBut that does not mean that giant strides have not been taken in recent weeks.

For example, last week Facebook presented a tro of universal applications for Windows 10 (including Messenger for desktop), and this same week it was Vine that jumped on the bandwagon. Today’s release isn’t all that important, though you’ve surely read its name on more than one occasion: Winzip.

At the time, Winzip was the quintessential program for compressing files; And although it is no longer the protagonist of the conversations, it is present on millions of computers around the world.

It’s funny, because the initial success of Winzip is due to allowing us to open .zip files, but that’s something most operating systems already do without installing anything. And yet many people still rely on Winzip to compress and decompress all their files.

What is the best Winzip app for Windows 10 against Winzip classic?

Having said all this, is the Winzip app for Windows 10 really worth it compared to the normal program? Well, the truth is that, basically they are the same program. The base is the same, and only changes the interface and the available options, so they are identical in aspects such as compatibility or performance.

As you see, the interface of the universal app is more modern and adapted for tablets and smartphones, although that does not mean that the original program (below) is out of date, since for some versions it has had an improved appearance and interface.

However, there are interface details that make things a little easier, and we realize that as soon as we add a file to compress. In the app we just have to click on the big button and we will see the possibilities available, from using a file saved locally, or in a cloud service; If we choose any of these it is when we are asked to connect with our account.

It’s easier to use the cloud with the app, but at the same time supports fewer services; some are missing like Mediafire, or the possibility of using an FTP server as in the original program.

That’s the story that repeats throughout the app: not bad, but it could be much more complete. We cannot create a self-extracting executable, for example, or use the backup function. Many of the original features have disappeared, like the one that reduces the size of the photos automatically, although at least it is appreciated that the encryption is maintained.

Winzip app for Windows 10 will be enough for most usersYes, but as soon as you want something more complete, it will fall short and it is better to use the original program. That’s why I questioned Winzip’s decision to offer the app with a free trial period of 20 days, after which we will have to pay a subscription of 7.99 dollars per year.

From my point of view, the ideal would have been to launch this app, with its limitations and everything, as a free option and offer the possibility to jump to the usual Winzip if we want something more. As it stands, there seems to be little reason to use this app on the desktop.

Download Winzip laapp for Windows 10