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Download sites you should run away from

Download sites you should run away from

Download sites you should run away from

We already know the best websites where to download the programs we work with every day, but what about the worst websites to download programs?

The Internet is not full of beings of light that overflow with goodness, there are users with evil and a very specific interest: earn money, and many take advantage of the famous pages to download programs that became popular long ago.

The idea of ​​having a page to concentrate all the downloads we needed was good at the time, although attempts to introduce malware In our computers, by that route, it has destroyed their reputation in many cases. And what cases are we referring to, you ask?


Softonic was born in Spain in 1997, and had everything to succeed: it came to bill 50 million euros, it was valued at 275 million and they even had plans to debut on the stock market. However, in 2014 they had to lay off half of the employees in an ERE, and for a few years have plummeted, earning a very bad reputation among users.

The star cause was how to monetize the platform: The installations were accompanied by a Softonic installer that tried to sneak adware into you in dozens of different ways, although changes in Google’s algorithm and the expansion of smartphones also influenced, to the detriment of computers. They have taken steps to fix the disaster after the decline, but whether the new strategy will work remains to be seen.

CNET Downloads

CNET is a well-known technology news portal, but they are alsoa huge download site that has been active since 1996. 20 years, which is said soon, serving as a platform to concentrate programs and applications, and facilitate their download in theory.

In this case we find the same case as Softonic: its creators tried monetize the service with an installer full of adware, and users ended up running away as it became a dangerous site to traverse. If you don’t feel like dodging mines in a field full of them, maybe you should look elsewhere to download.


Dev-Host has been one of the most used sites by developers to give their developments to the community: in its time it was backed by giants like XDA-Developers, and downloading a ROM or an APK for Android was synonymous with going through their servers.

Unfortunately, with success they started doing stupid things: show ads that simulated download buttons, force downloads of malicious APKs on devices and reuse short URLs, something that the service managers did not want to change and that led them to be banned from XDA-Developers, in favor of other alternatives such as AndroidFileHost .


FileHippo is another one of those pages that concentrate applications and programs to download, and to make more blood they affirm that the programs are 100% free of viruses and malware and without packages, installers or toolbars. Indeed, he follows the same strategy and is even more hateful than his competition: It is capable of changing the site buttons so that you press the one that is not and end up installing adware.


FreewareBB was a very nice site to download: all the files were reviewed by hand and it had a great community in its forums. The problem came when it was bought by Indians of dubious reputation, which filled the page with adware. Sadly, now it’s a simple scam about getting passwords for Facebook accounts mounted on a rather seedy blog.

Which do you know?

Here we have put five beautiful examples of sites from which you should never download anything ever, although the grace is that the Internet is full of pages like this. What pages have you found that you would not recommend to your worst enemy?

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