javascript contador Saltar al contenido, to download things from the Internet directly to your Android

Although there are quite effective solutions that help us send files to mobile devices at a relatively high speed (I personally use BitTorrent Sync), it would be more convenient if we could send the files we found on the web directly to the mobile, without having to take any action. more than strictly necessary.

That’s where appears, an Android application that allows you to download music, videos, apks and any other content directly to the mobile device.

After creating an account on the site we will have to install the application on the smartphone, an application that does not stand out for its design, is quite simple and goes straight to the point, showing the downloaded files and the pending ones in the waiting line.

We just have to copy and paste the url of the file on the web and select the destination device, by pressing the button, the download will start immediately on the phone, without the need to install extensions of any kind. You can see a series of screenshots of the process at

It would be more comfortable if they had an extension for browsers that allows sending files without having to copy and paste the url, although in this way they win the trust of those who, like me, do not use to install many plugins in the browser.

Practical, simple and fast, as these types of tools should be.