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Dove – interactive activities for teens to build self-esteem

Dove - interactive activities for teens to build self-esteem

The Dove Foundation for Self-Esteem has created an interactive zone where girls ages 11-14 engage in activities that help them reflect on the things that are important in the life of any adolescent: culture, media, life. fashion, image, friendship and self-esteem.

On the site the girls can find fun interactive games, videos, workshops and a bibliography to help change the stereotypes that the consumer society and the media spread about what it means to be beautiful.

More than 6,000,000 women have already visited the site in 2010 and more and more are hooked through the videos of the famous Dove commercials, such as evolution.

In addition, the web offers workshop models so that mothers, therapists and teachers can put them into practice in the activities they carry out with young women. It is worth mentioning the workshop You True Me!, Designed to help facilitate conversations, consolidate values ​​and reinforce the relationship as the girl gets older.

It is an original and carefree proposal although with a solid previous preparation for girls to develop their self-esteem while having fun.