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Dopamine, the free music player for Windows that you have to try

Dopamine, the free music player for Windows that you have to try

Dopamine, the free music player for Windows that you have to try

Dopamine 1.2 is the new version of music player for Windows that you have to try, is now more customizable and includes new options to organize your entire music collection.

Someone in the room who doesn’t like music? We each have our tastes, that’s for sure, but music is always there to relax us, to motivate us, to do some more easy tasks for us or simply for the pleasure of listening to good songs from our favorite artists.

Today, streaming and on-demand music playback services are trending, we are talking about services such as Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play Music, Tidal and many others. They all have millions of users, but we also still have a lot of music stored on our computers not on those platforms. If you were looking for a good music player, take a look at the new Dopamine.

Dopamine 1.2, a good music player for Windows

Dopamine is a music player for Windows which takes great care of its design, with a very elegant dark interface that integrates perfectly with the latest versions of the Microsoft operating system.

As a great new feature in Dopamine 1.2, the developers have created their most stable version to date, but also added the possibility that the program Automatically download all song information, album covers, song lyrics, artist biographies and even suggestions from other similar groups that will help us discover new music of our style.

Users of They will be happy to know that they have improved the integration and allows to take advantage of the famousscrobbling.

Dopamine is completely free and compatible from Windows 7 to the latest versions of Windows 10, you can also decide whether to download the installable version or opt for the portable version to take it wherever you want inside a USB memory.

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Of course, when playing our entire music library on the computer there are many more options. Here we tell you about the most popular and complete: