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Doo, mobile document manager with integrated advanced search


For a few hours we have already available Doo for Android, the mobile version in Google Play of Doo that allows us to search through our documents and files by applying an intuitive search, in which the app senses what we may want to search for and offers us suggestions from the information entered.

The version for Android 2.6. It comes with access to all local and cloud documents, automatic labels, mobile scanner, optical character recognition, automatic import of documents in e-mails and synchronization with the app installed on other devices. The strong point of this new version of the application is found in the search options, with which we can locate any document in a matter of seconds is where it is stored.

More additional functions that have been incorporated in this new version are the presence of a widget that will launch Doo functions in it homepage Furthermore, we can now register for the service with our Google+ account.

You can download the application version 2.6. on this link to GooglePlay and also download the other apps for iOS, OS X and Windows on the official website, download section.

These advanced search mechanisms will be increasingly necessary in a context in which we store more and more files on our devices, downloading them directly to them instead of to the computer or other media.