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docTrackr launches its Chrome extension for attached PDF documents in GMail


docTrackr is an online solution that we already presented to you at the time and whose purpose is to allow us to add a layer of security to those of our PDF documents that we are going to make available to others through the Internet, being able to establish a series of permissions and monitor the use made of them, with the possibility of remotely revoking those permissions that we initially established.

Until now, we had to go to their service through the web to upload PDF documents to add this layer of security, in addition to doing the corresponding monitoring from their own panel, although today a new possibility opens up thanks to the new extension for Chrome that they just added, and that allows us users to add that layer of security when attaching PDF documents in the messages that we are writing in GMail.

In this way, through the GMail composition window, we will find a new icon next to the icon that we have to attach files, from which we will choose the PDF documents that we want to send, allowing us later to select the permissions that we want to grant to our own selected documents. Recipients who open the sent PDF documents will receive a notice that they must open the documents with Adobe Reader in the event that they open such documents on the web or through other PDF file readers.

Users can track these documents from the docTrackr activity panel, where we will know when they have been opened and from which places. And as it could not be otherwise, we can also remotely revoke the permissions, applying the effects to the files themselves at the same time.

The docTrackr extension for Chrome is available from the Chrome web Store, although we must have our own user accounts in docTrackr to be able to use this extension.