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Docdown, to manage the content of your website with the technology of Google Docs


Over the last few years we have recommended dozens of different tools to manage your website. Docdown has recently caught our attention, an alternative with which manage the content of our website with Google Docs technology.

As the creators of the project affirm, Docdown allows us to write content for our web pages using the Google Docs word processor. This is an important advantage, since the content that we think appears exactly as we see it on screen. In addition, anyone who has access to it can become a collaborator of the web, so the different members of the team can make changes without complications.

At this point it is interesting to highlight another advantage of Docdown: its fast configuration. In fact, We can start the platform in less than five minutes. Although we can use Docdown for free, it is important to note that the tool has several payment plans for those who need more advanced functions.

Without a doubt, it is an interesting platform for all those who are looking for a different way to manage your website. If it has caught your attention, we recommend that you take a look at Docdown through the following link to the tool's website.