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Do you lose thumbnails of your files in Windows 10? Try this

Do you lose thumbnails of your files in Windows 10? Try this

Do you lose thumbnails of your files in Windows 10? Try this

We tell you how to prevent file thumbnails in Windows 10 from getting lost.

Personally, I can no longer live without the thumbnails in the file explorer, it is something that we already take for granted, as if it had always been there; They allow us to see the approximate content of the file, without opening it, and it is very useful when we are working with images or video.

Sure, there are times when for some reason the miniature does not load, something that usually happens in video files when we do not have the correct cdec installed; but I have also found that there are times when explorer seems to get caught loading thumbnails, although they are from files that I have already seen and from folders that I often open.

The problem of file thumbnails in Windows 10

I’m not the only one with this problem, and it seems to especially affect Windows 10 users. If you sometimes see thumbnails taking too long to load (and files only show their icon), you may be suffering too. Be careful, I am not talking about the first time you open a folder, in that case it is normal that it takes a while, but in cases where we recently used the folder and it still takes time to load.

The problem seems to be the way Windows now handles thumbnails; for some reason it seems that the thumbnails database is being deleted periodically, possibly in an attempt to save space.

The thumbnails after all are nothing more than images associated with a specific file, which the browser loads when we open the folder; so they take up space, and so one of the first measures to recover space on our hard drive is to delete the thumbnails.

How to prevent thumbnails from being constantly erased

But if what we want is the opposite, that the thumbnail database is not constantly erased, this is the solution:

That’s it, we just have to reboot the system and from then on Windows will always show at the moment the thumbnails of files that we have already seen; the downside of all this is that over time we can accumulate too many miniatures and these files can be made very large, but in that case we only have to delete them manually or remove these special permissions so that Windows does it on its own.