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Do you have an old PC? Optimize RAM consumption with this simple utility

Do you have an old PC? Optimize RAM consumption with this simple utility

Do you have an old PC? Optimize RAM consumption with this simple utility

Do you have a computer that can’t cope with your life?Mem ReductIt helps you manage your RAM, but it doesn’t work miracles.

All operating systems have their minimum requirements, for example here we talk about those of Windows 10. They are the characteristics that, at least, a computer must have to move an OS, although that does not guarantee the best user experience either.

We all have old computers at home and the poor are no longer for many trots, yet they resist dying. They can serve, for example, so that both the youngest of the house, as well as the oldest, begin in the world of computing.

Mem Reduct manages and cleans RAM memory

Windows, like all operating systems, includes its own memory manager, so it allocates resources to perform all tasks. Over the network there are hundreds of programs optimizerswho promise to do the impossible, fly your computer from 20 years ago.

As a general rule, the only thing they do is suck even more resources, while facing the user they show a nice interface and little else.Mem ReductOn the contrary, this RAM cleaner does not offer a curved interface, nor is it installed, but it is a portable program (run and go).

Mem Reduct shows at all times the amount of memory we have used, as total, free, the size of Mem Reduct and more system metrics, as shown in SoftZone.

However, Mem Redut does not monitor, we can also use it to clean RAM in one tap or, what is more interesting, to make a automatic management of the memory. For example, by default it cleans when it exceeds 90% used, although we can also set it to be cleaned every X minutes, fully customizable.

At the same time, you can also create a custom keyboard shortcut to clean it whenever you want. Mem Reduct is totally free and weigh less than 1MB, and being portable you can take it on a USB memory stick to put it in any PC.

Download Mem Reduct

Again we repeat, this it’s not miraculous, but it can be quite useful on old computers or with very few resources. Of course, there are many tricks to optimize Windows, here we leave you a few to improve Windows 10 performance: