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Do you have a locked file on your computer? So you can remove it

Do you have a locked file on your computer? So you can remove it

Use Windows programs on Mac and Linux with this application

You have a locked file and Windows won’t let you erase it? With these utilities you can do it.

On our computers we download all kinds of files daily, be they kitten photos or important documents. Most of them we do not keep, but go directly to the trash when we have seen, modified or shared by one or the other.

The usual thing is to erase them as we have done all our lives and Windows will take care of sending it to the trash, until we decide to empty it completely (blessed trash, from the catastrophes that have saved us with accidental deletions). The issue comes when, for some reason, Windows tells us that the file is in use and not can be removed.

So you can delete a file in use


As a general rule, the reason why the operating system prevents us from deleting a file is usually because it is being used by some program or application. The simplest solution is to check if this is the case and therefore close the program to unlock the file.

However, this is not always true and sometimes there are processes in the second plane remain active after closing applications with files in use. A solution that most of the time works is simply to restart the computer, but of course, this is also a nuisance because we will have to interrupt our work and close the rest of the documents and programs.

Luckily there are some very simple utilities to delete files even if they are locked.

Unlocker, veteran but effective

Without a doubt, if we talk about tools to unlock and / or delete locked files, we have to talk about Unlocker. These simple application is placed directly in the Windows context menu (the one that appears when you right-click on any file).

Sidicho file is find it blocked, Unlocker will tell us what the process is that is causing the problem and we can directly kill it to unlock it. However, sometimes the file is not locked, but even so we cannot delete or rename it, luckily Unlocker still gives us the possibility of delete it, rename it or move it directory. And if it gets wildly rebellious, don’t worry, the action will take place automatically on the next restart.

Unlocker is totally free and also, portable, you can download it on their website.

This utility is great, super light and well known, with it there will be no files that resist you, but if you still want alternatives, Both FileASSASSIN (from Malwarebytes) and IObit Unlocker are also two good options.