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Divergaceta – turn your child into a little journalist.

Divergaceta - turn your child into a little journalist.

Divergaceta is a playful digital magazine created by the Minister of Education of the Junta de Castilla y Len to promote writing and reading where children are the real protagonists by sending their own material by digital mail or by ordinary mail to be published in it. . Thus they will become small journalists, poets, storytellers, cartoonists or humorists.

It is an ideal place to work with educational and recreational resources in the classroom, on a digital board, on the PC or with materials to download and print. In addition, Divergaceta is a useful tool to encourage reading, since the teacher can read poems and stories aloud and the children can download books and then do reading comprehension activities in class.

The contents of Divergaceta are presented in different formats such as merely informative text and illustrations, text to carry out an activity by steps, interactive activities in flash to play or explore contents, books in pdf to download and print and read to students, etc; Aimed at students between the ages of 3 and 12 who are in the second cycle of Early Childhood Education and the First, Second and Third cycles of Primary.

Divergaceta collects resources that deal with basic concepts such as colors, numbers, family, letters, animals for children to more advanced concepts such as literacy, different civilizations, language, Nature, mathematics and geometry. , etc all of them illustrated with suggestive and funny images.

The website includes an advanced search system that allows users to publish high-value content that does not expire and is stored in the magazine for its use and consultation after its publication, allowing users to enjoy the content of the website for longer. .

Every month we find a different Divergaceta with new diversions and new learning content, adapted to the most popular customs and celebrations. So in December we will find a Christmas Fun, in February the carnival Fun, in March a spring Fun, in May there is a special Mother’s Day, etc.

Finally, the site has a guide for parents and another for teachers, explaining the possibilities of using the web both in the classroom and at home; and they describe the contents of Divergaceta in a very simple and understandable language.