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Disqus already allows readers to include multimedia in comments on our sites

multimedia en disqus

Disqus and Livefyre are two well-known platforms that we can integrate into our websites to replace the comment section, platforms that add advanced management features and a more attractive and organized way of participating in discussions.

Until now they have limited themselves to offering comments in text format, although now Disqus announces that they are going one step further, allowing multimedia in the generated dicusions.

We only have to include a link to the content that we want to publish (from YouTube, Vimeo, Imgur, SoundCloud, Twitter and others) so that Disqus shows a thumbnail of what will be displayed first and then allows us to obtain the result that we exemplify in the image below :

This option can be enabled or disabled, as well as filtered directly in the comments section, for media that prefer to have more control over the visual content displayed on their website.

Although the idea is good, there are certain buts that we cannot forget: that of copyright. In several countries there is a constant persecution of blogs that use images without having publication rights over them. If webmasters are concerned about using royalty-free content, buying photos, or filtering Creative Commons licenses to avoid falling into the hands of justice and paying gigantic fines, they would also have to worry that the images that appear in the comments have the same characteristics. Although an image published in a comment is the responsibility of the author of the same, surely a judge will end up blaming the medium, since many simply go the easy way: the protected image appears on your website and your website is yours.