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Disney’s Club Penguin comes to iPad with subscription payments


Do you remember Club Penguin? The last time we told you about this Disney project, we told you about the investment of 47 million dollars that Disney made to improve the safety of the little ones that used the network, with the aim of creating a safe, free and fun space. for children.

Now, the famous MMO-social network of Disney Club Penguin takes the first step towards mobile devices, not without first agreeing with Apple on the terms of the payment model, as this game has been one of the first to have passed Apple’s acceptance to be published in the store with a subscription payment model, without micro-payments or download payments.

Explaining in AllThingsD that micropayments are more typical in games than in social networks, Club Penguin boss Chris Heatherly comments that the application will be more of a social network dressed as a game, and that it has more logic than this monetized through a model of subscription more than another goes.

Heatherly also makes it clear that they do not intend in any way for Club Penguin to become a product like Facebook, starting with the difference based on the audience it is intended for, as Club Penguin continues to be exclusive for those children from 8 to 12 years old.

You can play and hang out on Club Penguin for iPad by downloading it from this link, costing the subscription $ 7.95 per month and with the possibility of discount for subscriptions of 3 and 6 months.