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Discover which is the application that drains the battery of your Windows computer

Discover which is the application that drains the battery of your Windows computer

Discover which is the application that drains the battery of your Windows computer

There are applications that for one reason or another use more batteries than they should on our Windows computer. We show you how to identify them to eliminate them or to restrict the use in the background.

If you have a desktop computer or if you have a laptop connected all day to the electrical network you will not have a problem with the battery. Conversely, if you have a laptop that you use to travel or atablet Convertible, chances are every minute of battery life is essential to you. If the battery lasts two hours, and there is an application that eats 50%, we will stay with only one hour, which is very little.

There are times that some application works so much in the background that it drains almost entirely the battery of our device. This is very common on mobile phones, especially Android, but in Windows and in general in computer operating systems it also happens. Usually it is usually due tobugs or that we have left some secondary task working.

It is not only that they drain the battery, but having to reload it, makes it lose use of life. The more we charge a battery, be it portable, car orsmartphone, smaller will be your next charge. Obviously we don’t notice this from one charge to another, but every 100 charges, for example, s is a remarkable effect. We have to take care not only of the battery life, but also the useful life.

Identify those applications that charge your battery

In Windows notebooks there is a configuration section called Energy saving. Of course, from a desktop computer we will not be able to access this section.

To access the section from where we can see the battery consumption of the different applications that we have been using (and that are running in the background without our permission) we will have to press the button Windows + i. A window will open with the Configuration application and we will have to enter the section called System.

Within System we will see that there is a list with several elements. There is one, specifically, which is the one we want, called Batera. If we press it we will see a link on the right side that has a title Battery usage by application. If we enter it we will be able to see the percentage of battery that each of the applications has consumed, ordered, in principle, by consumption (from most to least).


We can also choose to show all the installed applications, even if they have not consumed any battery. On the other hand, we can choose a period of time to see which have been the programs that have consumed the most. If we see that an application that is at the top should not be, we can click on it and discover consumption in use and consumption in the background.

Consumption in use is the consumption that has occurred while we have been using the applicationObviously, and the consumption in the background is what has been done without us having to be using the program. Cortana, for example, is an application that is always in the background to detect when we speak.